About This Blog

I’m currently a law student at UC Berkeley Law focusing on technology and corporate law. Given the copious amount of reading I have to pour through daily, I find myself asking a lot of questions related to the opinions and legal theory I read. This site is an attempt to put these thoughts down on paper (or in this case, virtual paper) and engage others like myself to respond to these musings. What I want out of this blog is to create a healthy intellectual conversation with others by connecting themes/ideas from different areas of law and other disciplines in order to create a richer picture and understanding of the law.

Disclaimer: Everyone has their favorites in law. I have three. 1) I am intrigued by the novel ideas posed in the emerging field of Internet and technology law along with the more traditional Intellectual Property law, as well as privacy law. 2) I was a PPE – philosophy, politics, and economics – major in college and I truly love this interdisciplinary area. In law school I find myself naturally gravitating towards more economic, corporate, and policy related classes. Thus, this blog will feature posts dealing with issues in financial technology, securities, corporate governance, international trade, investment, and business law as well as political philosophy and policy and regulatory issues. 3) I love the environment! I’m all about the environment. Sometimes, climate change and the loss of biodiversity keeps me up at night! A few blog posts will be dedicated to the area of environmental law.

– Inayat Chaudhry